Mint & Eucalyptus (Odour Neutraliser)


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A powerful and active odour neutraliser, this fragrance uses a refreshing blend of sweet peppermint and freshly picked Eucalyptus leaves to reenergise and invigorate any space.

Fragrance Notes

Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves, Peppermint

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  1. HD

    I got this scent for the kitchen to freshen it up after cooking. Put it to the test last night after cooking curry. Boom! Smell gone! We are left with the fresh smell of mint and eucalyptus. Highly recommended.

  2. CL

    Using this scent in a room far larger than the OBY Mini was intended for (60m2+) coupled with having a busy household, 3 children and a dog (large working breed) I was sceptical of whether the claimed odour neutralising scent would be up to the task. Needless to say my scepticism soon disappeared along with the smell of damp dog!!

    Very impressed and would highly recommend!

  3. Irene

    I do a lot of wok cooking using loads of garlic and fresh ginger which as many will appreciate emanates wonderful but lingering smells…….. long after the meal.

    This little diffuser discreetly puffing out the fresh eucalyptus leaves and peppermint scent very quickly filled the kitchen/dining room and not only neutralised the cooking smell but had the room smelling wonderful and fresh.

    I would highly recommend this odour neutralising scent to keep the open plan home fresh all day!

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