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Discretion meets power with this simple and sophisticated diffuser featuring intensity control and elegant glass design.

Stunningly small at just 90mm tall, the OBY MINI unit is designed for discretion whilst offering a reliable and powerful fragrance emission perfect for smaller spaces, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and studies. The OBY MINI is the perfect gift for any home-lover and comes gift-wrapped with love!


  • Room size: up to 35m2 (at 3m height)
  • Power supply: 5 volts 2.5 watts (USB cable included)
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 56mm in diameter
  • Weight: 195g
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  1. AS

    I spend far too much on scenting my home every year, or so my husband tells me, but I am in love with these super cute ObyO mini diffusers!! After seeing them on instagram I initially bought one unit (Green Orange) and OMG, what a smell…..simply gorgeous! I’ve now bought another one with Oud for my husband and he agrees that it’s fab – he uses it in his study and has even dropped hints about which scent he’d like to try next!

  2. Richard Merralls

    A fantastic product, doing exactly what you want it to do. Forget the putrid plug-ins and bottles of oily sticks, OBY Mini fits the new norm, especially with an antibacterial scent. What I love about this product is how it fits in, with no effort it blends into the background and becomes part of your space. Something else worth noting is the fact it runs on a rechargeable battery, meaning I can put it out of reach of the children (no hot plastic thing in a mains socket at toddler level), also the bottle is closed unlike the oily stick diffusers… Great product!

  3. AS Guildford

    The MINI OBY is good looking and so cool. After years of buying traditional diffusers and candles, this is so perfect…my favourite fragrances so far are Fig & Bergamot and Mykonos – such a fab gift for friends and family ????

  4. Gav Smith

    Bought a full size one of these for the house a while back. Bought the mini for my bedroom, and it didn’t disappoint… ???? It’s a great addition to any room in the house, I’ll be buying more for the other ‘living spaces’

  5. Manisha

    The mini OBY. What a fantastic design, such a nifty must-have. I spend a fortunate on home fragrance and this device is right up my street as the perfumes are really aromatic and linger. A personal favourite is the Mint & Eucalyptus – it literally kills any smell – I am a Mum of two boys…. The struggle is real.

  6. Rachael

    I received the OBY Mini as a gorgeous housewarming gift. The Green Orange perfume smells spa like and I now want one for every room!
    With the simple sophisticated look the diffuser can be added to any room and was very easy to set up. Would definitely recommend.

  7. Kaush

    I purchased one of these for my home and have now decided to add this to our show flat. A lot of home scents are in such ugly units that you end up hiding them away. This one really is a quality piece that you are actually happy to keep on display. I have mine in a 40sq foot kitchen and it covers the room very well. The scents themselves are long lasting and really give the smell of a high quality perfume.

    I will definitely buy more and have already recommended them to friends and clients.

  8. HD

    I love this diffuser. It is discreet and does the job well. Love the fact it’s rechargeable. Can’t wait to buy another and try more scents. Highly recommended

  9. CL

    This little unit really does perform well and manages to scent a room far larger than it states above. It has a lovely quality feel to it and looks great in any part of the room on display.

    Will definitely be getting another!

  10. Irene

    With so many friends moving house recently I have had the pleasure of giving the best house warming present – an Olfacto room diffuser with a choice of so many wonderful scents – I had fun buying a different scent for each friend!

    Once you have one in your home you will not want to be without one! It makes open plan living a lot more sociable!

  11. SHL

    Wonderful product. For a small diffuser it scents a large area and smells gorgeous. So many lovely fragrances to choose from too.

  12. jumoke

    love this! Makes a change to my usual supermarket plugins, and makes my house smell like a perfume shop. Well designed to be discrete and also thoughtful in that it turns off after a few hours to save on the perfume. I bought a discovery set alongside this and plan to add others to my collection alongside the one that came with the diffuser. Service from John and Lisa was also stellar along the way, and made the whole experience a delight from end to end,

  13. Dev

    This is a masterpiece, I purchase a lot of home fragrance and this is the best. I have this masterpiece for 3 days now and i love every second. The Oud scent is beautiful. Thank you for designing such masterpiece.

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