Red Crystal

A sugary and enveloping warm aroma

Red Crystal is a wooded, sugary and amber-like fragrance which fills a room with warm sweetness and a tantalising floral and toffee bouquet. This scent is a truly unique and comforting blend of aromas.


Base notes of sugary Toffee and earthy Oakmoss are enveloped by floral notes of Jasmin and Saffron and topped with Orange and Tagete aromas, producing a complex and warming sweet scent.

Fragrance Notes

Orange, Tagete
Jasmin, Saffron
Toffee, Oakmoss, Ambergris

“I didn't know what to expect from this scent as I wasn't sure I'd experienced anything like it but I am SO glad I bought Red Crystal. It's a very complex fragrance - sugary and earthy at the same time. It's become my signature home scent!”