The O by Olfacto Story

Originally founded in Courchevel, France, by world class chef, Cèdric Lalouelle, O by Olfacto combines French romanticism and British elegance to create emotive sensory experiences through luxury scents.

Experts in Scent Design

Our UK Founders Katy Worthy and John Tarbet have over 40 years’ combined experience within interior design, commercial building technology, and luxury hospitality.

Their passion for fragrance stems from a belief that design and ambience are captured through all modes of sense experience. Whether this is the final touch to a beautiful and comforting living space or an added level of immersion for customers in a commercial setting, scent design is a powerful way to improve and enhance your surroundings.

Katy Worthy

Managing Director

Katy has over 20 years’ experience in high-end interior design and property development. Driven by a passionate entrepreneurial spirit, Katy has always worked within her own businesses which she now grows and nurtures alongside her two young children.

John Tarbet (JT)

Commercial Director

With a love for building technology and improving the well-being and efficiency of spaces, JT’s entrepreneurial background stems from experience in commercial green technologies and sustainability. JT has a truly playful character and in his spare time loves to revisit his Scottish roots.

Aromatic blends for ambience and atmosphere

The O by Olfacto team has developed the latest in expertly designed cold diffusion technology which works alongside our beautifully handcrafted fragrances to envelop a space and tell a story through scent.

Our aromatic blends are created from natural extracts and luxury essential oils to promote wellbeing and a holistic experience every time that you walk into the perfumed space.

The power of scent in sensory design

Our background in luxury hospitality and commercial interior design, coupled with our expertise in fragrance, means that we are best placed to use our skills for ambient scent marketing.

The Macallan Manor House at The Rosewood London

This practice is designed to enhance a company’s brand image, increase sales and improve overall customer and employee experience. Commercial scenting is more than just fragrance diffusion. Our scenting solutions provides a sensory and emotive prompt to entice the right customers, boost employee morale, and heighten your company’s value perception.

With offices in France and London, we look after an extensive portfolio of clients worldwide and would love to discuss your commercial scenting needs with you!