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Expert in scent design and co-founder of the new luxury home fragrance brand O By Olfacto, Katy Worthy introduces the revolutionary diffusion technology and shares her top tips on how to use the power of scent to differentiate and transform everyday spaces in the home.

Originally developed by renowned French chef Cedric Lalouelle, who “cooks with his nose”, O by Olfacto has evolved from a high-end commercial fragrance offering, to one for consumers to enjoy in their own homes.  The marriage of technology and fragrance has been spearheaded by renowned interior designer, Katy Worthy, who wanted to give UK homeowners greater accessibility to luxury scent experiences with reliable, long-lasting and powerful fragrance emission.

Fragrance scaping is the latest wellness trend, which is transforming the home environment.

Katy WorthyCo-founder, O by Olfacto

“Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses, due to its close links to memory.  Particular scents can send subconscious triggers to our brains which can evoke different feelings.  By drawing on the impact of scent on emotion and experience, fragrances can be used as a powerful tool to differentiate spaces in the home to form healthy habits and rejuvenate a living space.

“With many of us continuing to work from home, it can be challenging to feel motivated each day in a lacklustre environment. To boost productivity and create an invigorating feel to the home office, try scents like Bergamot which help to encourage focus and alertness. Our Fig & Bergamot scent features a harmonious blend of zesty fruit and classic woody aroma to create an energising atmosphere, perfect for that well-needed mood-boost during a busy work day.”

For many who are making the most of the summer holidays at home this year, it’s the perfect time to try fragrance scaping, transporting the living room into an exotic escape with the aroma of a blissful beach or floral garden.

Katy said: “Evoke a sensory summer experience with the beautiful Mykonos fragrance. Bringing golden sand and ocean breeze vibes, the beautiful blend of citrus, amber and aquatic notes has the ability to transform the home into an idyllic island setting.

“When welcoming friends or family round, why not add a touch of opulence to the home in those entertaining areas such as the dining room or living room. Add rich and sophisticated scents such as Black Pomegranate, Balms & Leather or Oud to create an atmospheric mood.”

As a nation of food lovers, many enjoy cooking up a storm, whipping up hearty home-cooked meals. However the lingering odours in the kitchen which travel to other living spaces (particularly in those open plan areas) can be less of a delight to enjoy.

Katy said: “To cleanse kitchen spaces of bad smells, it’s best to use a natural odour neutraliser to refresh the space. The Mint & Eucalyptus scent from the O by Olfacto range features a fragrance of sweet peppermint and freshly picked eucalyptus leaves, creating a crisp and uplifting aroma.”

To get ready for a well-rested and relaxed evening, it’s important to dedicate time to winding down. Katy Worthy said “A calming scent in the bedroom will help to encourage a feeling of relaxation, sending signals to the brain that it’s time to sleep. Using comforting and soft scents such as Soft Leather, Red Crystal and Green Orange will help to wash away the stresses of the day and fill the room with a warm, sweet aroma, ready for a restful night.”

O by Olfacto offers two diffuser formats (OBYO mini; OBYO luxe) with a Bluetooth-operated function that enables full control of scent strength, any time of the day for a chosen duration.

Accompanying the technology is a wonderful collection of nine blended fragrances that combine French romanticism and British elegance to create emotive sensory experiences that awaken the senses, lift the spirit, and create an aura of pleasure in the home.