Commercial Scenting Solutions

From O by Olfacto

Ambient scent marketing is designed to enhance a company’s brand image, increase sales and improve overall customer and employee experience. Commercial scenting is more than just fragrance diffusion. Our scenting solutions provides a sensory and emotive prompt to entice the right customers, boost employee morale, and heighten your company’s value perception.

A Brand Defining Scent Experience

Humans are sensory beings and our behaviour is a direct response to how we perceive our environment. The same is true of commercial behaviour where fragrances have been scientifically proven to encourage an emotional connection between customer and brand.

Through expertly designed diffusion technology and beautifully handcrafted scents, we help you to engage your audience and provide a truly immersive experience for your customers.


“Katy and JT took my event to a whole new level with their scent marketing expertise. The way specific fragrances can be strategically placed to create an atmosphere is a science that I've now bought into my businesses. Highly recommend getting in touch with this team - you won't regret it.”


Tailored Scent Marketing Solutions

The scent experts at O by Olfacto create bespoke solutions to fragrance commercial buildings and office environments, factoring spatial dimension, foot traffic, industry and desired audience behaviour. We scent some of the most exclusive hotels and commercial spaces in France and the UK.


The Macallan Manor House at Rosewood London

O by Olfacto were delighted to be approached by the Rosewood London to work with them on their Macallan Terrace project, providing the perfect fragrance to bring a 360 immersive experience to this fantastic space.


Our solutions include:

  • All-inclusive, Fixed-term Rental Options: 12-60 months of premium scent marketing ambience, including diffusers, fragrance supply and maintenance
  • Short Term Rental Packages: available from as little as 1 day, this package is ideal for temporary venues or events
  • Outright Purchase of our diffusers with ongoing fragrance supply
  • Full Installation Service: integration of our units into your air-conditioning or heat recovery system for an entirely immersive experience
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Support (depending on diffuser type)

Want to learn more about our Commercial Scenting Solutions?

Our team are available to discuss your individual requirements and provide a FREE initial consultation either at your premises or at our Surrey Head Offices.